ENG. They were published on sideFx channel on Vimeo called Go Procedural, 19 new videos. These are the recordings of seminars held at Siggraph this year. With these 19 videos, all the work areas of the power of Houdini 16 are introduced.

ITA. Sono stati pubblicati sul canale della sideFx su Vimeo denominato Go Procedural, 19 nuovi video. Questi sono le registrazioni dei seminari tenuti a Siggraph di quest’anno. Con questi 19 video si introducono tutte le aree di lavoro del potentissimo Houdini 16.

Link: Believability in Procedural Modelling
Link: SideFX Intern Program – Feather Tools
Link: Lighting and Rendering
Link: The Secret Language of Houdini (definizion of SOPS node, CHOPS, DOPS, VOPS, COPS, ROPS and the other strange name in Houdini with some examples )
Link: Procedural Modelling/LookDev
Link: How to Get a Studio Job in FX
Link: Topobuild 3.0 Sneak Peak
Link: Boolean or not Boolean: Fun with Fracturing
Link: Rigging and Muscles
Link: Getting Started with Grains
Link: VFX of “Attraction” Motion Picture
Link: Masterclass: Animating using CHOPs and Contraints
Link: Crowds | Cameron White
Link: Procedural Rock Formations for UE4
Link: Virtual Authenticity: Houdini for VR Storytelling
Link: Castle VR Overview
Link: Procedural Level Building in UE4
Link: Houdini 16 Games Tools Updates
Link: Procedural Scattering in Houdini Engine and Unity