ENG. A small but interesting article appeared on renderositymagazine.com where the artist Ricky Grove was studied Blender for 30 minutes every day for 8 weeks and from this experience comes the article dedicated to Dynamic Simulations in Blender.
In Ricky’s article you can find tips about free and paid tutorials and plugins and concludes with a quick comparison between Blender Dynamic Simulations, Cinema 4D X-particles system and Maya nParticles.

ITA. Un piccolo ma interessante articolo apparso su renderositymagazine.com dove l’artista Ricky Grove ha studiato Blender per 30 minuti al giorno per un periodo di 8 settimane e da questa esperienza nasce l’articolo dedicato alla Dynamic Simulations in Blender.
Nell’articolo Ricky da alcuni consigli su tutorial e plugins a pagamento e free e conclude con un veloce paragone tra la Dynamic Simulations di Blender, X-particles system di Cinema 4D e nParticles di Maya.

Link: 8 Weeks With Blender: Dynamic Simulations