ENG. Appleseed is an open source, physically-based rendering engine primarily designed for animation and visual effects.
Appleseed supports fully programmable shading via Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Open Shading Language (OSL), RGB/spectral/mixed rendering, fast motion blur, state-of-the-art ray traced subsurface scattering, exhaustive Python and C++ APIs.

Along with the core renderer, the team is actively developing high quality integrations with Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.
Appleseed is also the default rendering engine of Image Engine’s Gaffer.

ITA. Appleseed è un open source, physically-based rendering engine, primariamente creato per animazioni e visual Effects.
Appleseed supporta la programmazione di shading con il Open Shading Language (OSL) della Sony Pictures Imageworks, RGB/spectral/mixed rendering, Motion Blur, state-of-the-art ray traced subsurface scattering, API in C++ e Python.

Con il core render, il team sviluppa anche l’integrazione con Autodesk Maya e 3dsMax.
Appleseed è anche il motore di render di default del programma open source Image Engine’s Gaffer.

Link: appleseedhq.net 
Link: release notes for appleseed 1.7.0-beta and download