ENG. Armory authors (an open-source 3D game engine with full Blender integration) have created ArmorPaint, a physically based 3d painting texture.

Currently under development, ArmorPaint is a stad-alone program ready to work with PBR render engines (physically based render) like Armory and Cycles (of course), Unreal, Unity etc.

ITA. Gli astessi autori di Armory (un open source 3D game engine completamente integrato in Blender) hanno dato vita a ArmorPaint, un physically based texture 3d painting.

Attualmente in fase di primo sviluppo, ArmorPaint è un programma stad-alone pronto a lavorare con i render engine PBR (physically based render) come Armory e Cycles (naturalmente), Unreal, Unity ecc.

Link: Armory
Link: ArmorPaint
Link: ArmorPaint on Youtube