ENG. It was updated to versin 1.4 the GPU render FurryBall RT.
News in this version:

  • 3DS max version will support Export and Import too. So you can freely collaborate between Maya, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max as well without any compromise. Includes Hairs, Particles, Fluids and of course animation…
  • Double side material
  • Very advanced Toon shader with a variable and very customisable line, textures, and very advanced effects.
  • Cinema R18 support
  • Many fixes and improvements
ITA. É stato aggiornato alla versione 1.4 il GPU render FurryBall RT.

Le novitá di questa versione:

  • La versione 3DS supporta l’Import e l’Export. Questo permetterá una collaborazione tra Maya, Cinema 4D e 3DS MAX senza compromessi incluso Hairs, Particles, Fluids e Animation.
  • Double side material
  • Un avanzato Shader toon con diversi parametri per la castomizzazione di linee, texture ed effetti.
  • Cinema R18 support

Aggiustamenti e miglioramenti variable


Link: FurryBall