ENG. Pending the arrival of Houdini 16.5 scheduled for November 7, SideFx has organized an event in Toronto to present its new functions.

Houidni is undoubtedly one of the most innovative software at this time. Cristin Barghiel (VP R & D) and Scott Keating (Senior Product Designer) show us in this video recorded from event the new features in field of character, modeling, rendering, user experience and dynamics.

ITA. In attesa dell’arrivo di Houdini 16.5 previsto per il 7 Novembre prossimo, SideFx ha organizzato una evento a Toronto per presentarne le nuove funzioni.

Houidni è indubbiamente uno dei software che più si sta innovando in questo momento. Cristin Barghiel (VP R&D) e Scott Keating (Senior Product Designer) mostrano in questo video tratto dell’evento le nuove funzioni nel campo della character, modeling, Rendering, user Experience e Dynamics.

Link: Houdini 16.5 Launch Event | Toronto | November 1, 2017