ENG. An interesting new way to learn Houdini by putting it directly in comparison with another 3D program (The Foudry MODO).
Here’s to you a new series of Marc Albrecht tutorials published on Vimeo !!!

ITA. Un interessante nuovo sistema per apprendere Houdini e cioé mettendolo direttamente in paragone con un’altro programma 3d (The Foudry MODO).
Ecco a Voi la nuova serie di tutorial di Marc Albrecht pubblicati su Vimeo!!!

Link: Houdini for Not-Wizards Part 1: Navigation and Geometry
Link: Houdini for Not-Wizards Part 2: Pipelining Geometry
Link: Houdini for Not-Wizards Part 3: UVs and Materials
Link: Houdini for Not-Wizards Part 4: Baking Displacement or … Things
Link: Houdini for Not-Wizards Part 5: Animation 0 on 0 – it can’t be simpler