ENG. The 2.8 Blender version (currently in beta) includes Eevee, a fully-featured PBR (physically based-rendering) engine for real-time visualization.

The “Optical Dispersion” or “dispersion” is the separation of light in different wavelengths (like Dark Side of the Moon).

Here’s a tutorial showing you how to create a dispersion shader which works in realtime in the new Eevee viewport in Blender 2.80, and also with the Cycles render engine.

ITA. La versione 2.8 di Blender (attualmente in versione beta) include Eevee, un fully-featured PBR (physically based-rendering) engine per la visualizzazione in tempo reale.

La “Dispersione ottica” (in inglese “dispersion”) è la separazione della luce in diverse lunghezze d’onda (alla Dark Side of the Moon).

Questo tutorial mostra come creare uno shader dispersion che lavora in realtime con il nuovo Eevee Engine in Blender 2.8, ma lavora anche con Cycles.

Link: Realtime Dispersion with Eevee in Blender 2.8 in Youtube