ENG. The Gyroid is a mathematical form described by Alan Schoen in 1970 through the following equation:
cos(x)sin(y) + cos(y)sin(z) + cos(z)sin(x) = 0

The artist Carlos Alvarez Velazquez explains with this turial how to model a Gyroid with Maya. Carlos uses primarily surfaces and birail.

ITA. Il Giroide è una forma matematica descritta da Alan Schoen in 1970 attraverso la seguente equazione:
cos(x)sin(y) + cos(y)sin(z) + cos(z)sin(x) = 0

L’artista Carlos Alvarez Velazquez ci spiega con questo turial come modellare un giroide con Maya. Carlos utilizza primariamente superfici e birail.

Link: Tutorial Modeling Gyroid Minimal Surface in Autodesk Maya