ENG. Mesh Align Plus is a precision modeling addon (free/open source) that lets you move mesh parts and objects around, by picking points of interest and using them as targets for alignments, rotations and other types of transformations.

There are Quick Tools for fast and easy access to common operations (like aligning real points, lines or planes together), and Advanced Tools (for working with imaginary/implied geometry, measuring and calculating quantities in your scene, like line length or face normals, and composing new targets for your transformations).


ITA. Mesh Align Plus è uno addon di modellazione di precisione (free/open source) che permette di muovere di allineare oggetti o parti di oggetti attraverso punti di interesse per essere usati come target.

Fornito di un Quick Tools per un comodo e veloce accesso alle operazioni più comuni (come aligning real points, lines o planes together) e un Advanced Tools.

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