ENG. Laubwerk has today announced the release 1.0.20 of their Plants Kits, a collection of render-ready, realistic 3D trees designed specifically for architects, CG and VFX artists. The updates of Plants Kits 1-7 and of the Plants Kit Freebie are available immediately for Maya (Win & Mac) 3ds Max, Cinema 4D (Windows & Mac), Houdini (Windows), and Python (Windows).

ITA. Laubwerk ha oggi annunciato la release 1.0.10 di Plants Kits, una collezione di realistici, render-ready alberi in 3d, dedicati agli artisti 3d di architettura, CG e VFX. L’aggiornamento di Plants Kits 1-7 e di the Plants Kit Freebi √® immediatamente disponibile per ¬†Maya (Win & Mac) 3ds Max, Cinema 4D (Windows & Mac), Houdini (Windows) e Python (Windows).

Link: laubwerk.com