ENG.Its also available for Maya 2016-2017 Radeon ProRender, render opensource AMD (The render was already available from several months to 3dsMax). Radeon ProRender is physically accurate renderer and is able to use the lights, materials and textures. Built on OpenCL™, it’s Hardware Agnostic, so it runs on virtually any hardware, including any combination of GPUs and CPUs.(with any combination of AMD-Nvidia video cards).

ITA. é disponibile anche per Maya 2016-2017 Radeon ProRender, il render opensource di AMD (il render era già disponibile da diversi mesi per 3dsMax). Radeon ProRender é physically accurate renderer ed é in grado di usare le luci i materiali e le texture di Maya. Utilizzando OpenCL™ può utilizzare qualsiasi combinazione CPU-GPU (con qualsiasi combinazione di schede video AMD-Nvidia).

Link: Download Radeon ProRender for Maya
Link: Radeon ProRender for Maya Home Page