ENG. A series of tutorials still in updated for learning Renderman 21 of Maya 2017. It is also treating specific topics of Maya as xGen.

ITA. Una serie di tutorial tuttora in aggiornamento per l’apprendimento di Renderman 21 su Maya 2017. Si trattano anche argomenti specifici di Maya come xGen.

Link: Renderman 21 Quick Look
Link: Renderman 21 PxrSurface Shader Tutorial Part 1 
Link: Renderman 21 PxrSurface Shader Tutorial Part 2
Link: Renderman 21 Sub Surface Scattering Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 Basic Render Settings Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 xGen Fur Tutorial 
Link: Renderman 21 Displacement Maps with zBrush Tutorial 
Link: How Do I Render: A Glass of Whiskey (Maya & Renderman)
Link: Renderman 21 Light Basics Tutorial 
Link: Renderman 21 Basic Holdout Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 PxrDome & Day Light Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 Normal Maps Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 Applying Textures Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 Opacity Maps Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 Tileable Texture Tutorial
Link: Renderman 21 Portal Light Tutorial (FEB 5, 2017)