ENG. With a 2-minute introductory video Brave Rabbit introduced the 5.0 version of Shapes for Maya, an advanced Blend Shape management utility.

Widely used for character animation in Shapes 5, several new features have been introduced, such as the new weightsServer for weight control of the blend shape through position, import / export with JSON files and topological symmetry support.

ITA. Con un video introduttivo di 2 minuti Brave Rabbit ha introdotto la versione 5.0 di Shapes per Maya, un’utility per la gestione avanzata Blend Shape.

Molto usato per la character animation in Shapes 5 sono state introdotte diverse nuove funzioni come il nuovo weightsServer per il controllo del peso del blend shape attraverso la posizione, import/export con JSON file e il supporto topological symmetry.

Link: Shapes 5.0 on Vimeo
Link: Shapes 5.0 web site