ENG. This Open Shading Language script implemented a calculation of thin-film interference, or iridiscence, in and on top of metals and dielectrics in Open Shading Language for Cycles. With this script, interference phenomena like soap bubbles can be easily rendered in Cycles in a physically-correct way. However, many more materials show some sort of interference effects, like iron after being heated, nacre, thin metal films, car paints, aging copper etc. All these can be rendered in a physically-correct way.

ITA. Questo Open Shading Language script implementa il calcolo thin-film (o irridescenza) nei materiali metallici e dielectrics in Open Shading Language per Cycles. Con questo script fenomeni di interferenze come bolle di sapone, possono essere facilmente renderizzate in Cycles in modo fisicamente corretto. Naturalmente anche altri fenomeni come il metallo riscaldato, la madreperla, metalli sottili, vernici per auto e rame invecchiato possono essere renderizzati in modo fisicamente corretto.

Link: Thin-film interference and metals with complex refractive index