ENG. John Dickinson public on Vimeo on MotionWorks channel, its workflow for the management of UV from Cinema 4D with 3D Coat.
John uses AppLink for direct export from C4D to 3d Coat and explains his approach to unwrap with 3D Coat and then re-import the model in Cinema 4D.

ITA. John Dickinson pubblica sul canale Vimeo MotionWorks, il suo workflow per la gestione delle UV da Cinema 4D con 3d Coat.
John utilizza Applink per l’export diretto da C4D a 3d Coat e spiega il suo approccio di unwrap in 3D Coat per poi reimportare il modello in Cinema 4D.

Link: Working with UVs in Cinema 4D and 3D Coat