ENG. XRemesher is a tool to retopologize meshes inside 3ds Max in a fast and straightforward way.
It makes use of the Instant Meshes Library and it will be able to remesh complex and heavy meshes in a short amount of time.
You have the choice to remesh your object as Tris or Quads meshes.

ITA. XRemesher è uno strumento per la retopologizzazione in 3dsMax in modo veloce e lineare.
Utilizza la tecnologia di Instant Meshes Library e ha la capacità di remeshare (nuova parola in Italiano dall’inglese remesh) mesh complesse e pesanti in un breve lasso di tempo con poligoni triangolari o quadrati.

Link: XRemesher 1.0
Link: Introductory video
Link: XRemesher 1.0 on Vimeo
Link: for donation and support this project